Limitless Living

It’s Awesome to Meet You, Wondersauce!

We’re the Magic behind this website (and the upcoming Podcast). We’re a little unconventional, especially when it comes to the world of Sacred Work, so let’s start with introductions, cause you should definitely start by getting to know us and deciding if we’re the kind of people you want more of in your world.

Psst… So, we’re just in the middle of putting up new graphics (pretty) and revamping or services and linky-linking pages so… If there’s no way to click on what you are looking for stay calm and come back in a few days. We’re all over it!


The least you need to know about me is that I think that Life Is Delicious and You’re a Super Power!

I’m big and powerful and magnetic and a bit of an ass kicker. But that’s ok, because I also all-out love you. I’m immensely practical and down to earth – even if I do spend almost all my time working with and studying the intangible side of life.

And, oh yeah, I swear. (Because being spiritual is about being real, not holy.)

I’m a writer, a talker, a Diviner and Oracle, I’m a folk magic practitioner, a five elementalist and face reader, a teacher, and the best damn friend you’ll have on your super team. I’ve got no time for excuses, but I’ve got all the time in the world for you.

I believe in fighting for greatness and I know that you are meant to be Limitless.


Super Powers:

  • Idea Brain
  • Seeing and Identifying invisible Connections and Patterns
  • Feeling and Shifting the Energy in People
  • Claircognezance (that is I tend to just “know” things)
  • Divination & Card Readings



Hey, I’m Jeff – you can call me Jeef,

The least you need to know about me is that I believe You Are the Creator of Your Own Reality – You’re more powerful than you think.

If Meg’s the Butt Kicker them I’m more like the Gentle Guide – I’m the quiet one around here (someone has to be).

I’m a martial artist and a runner – it’s kind of like my personal meditation, it makes my day better. I also love to play and have fun – I’m pretty much a big kid inside. I may be slightly obsessive, ok, ok, I like to collect things like board games and tea pots and swords, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I believe that everyone should learn a form of energy work. Everyone. I’ve studied (and teach) Tai Chi and Qi Gong techniques and energy clearing. I truly believe we are on the edge of a new energetic or spiritual age and I’m ready to play my part. Are you?

Let’s go change the world!


Super Powers:

  • Aura Seeing
  • Ghost Talking (and Clearing)
  • Diagnosing Energy (in spaces and people)
  • Space Clearing
  • Mediumship


Ready To Know How You Can Work With Us?

First: Swing by our About Us Page to learn more about the How’s and Why’s of what we do.

Then Let our Decision Making Tree be your guide:

Are you a Sacred (aka Spiritual) Artist (aka someone who creates new things in the world) and looking for One-on-One support + professional development? Then you might want to explore mentoring with us.

Or is there just one fricking block/problem/snag you’d like to work out? Like maybe get control of the ghosts you are seeing, or figuring out how to support your sensitive kid, or explode into clarity on your next sacred offering? Ok, then you might want to try a straight up consulting session.

Or are you looking for a little something-something but not ready to step into the big one-on-on stuff yet? Maybe you’d like to learn how to read Tarot or Lenormand, or you’re looking for our Grounding or Decision Making Tool Kit, or you’d like to nab your Elemental Horoscope. You’ll find all of that over on our Shop darling.

None of the above? Think you might be looking for a Space Clearing? Not sure? Visit Jeff’s Space Clearing Page.

If all else fails then you should definitely contact Megan or Jeff directly. (But really Megan, cause Jeff loves you but he’s the quiet one remember….)


Conversations with Jeff
Meg: Do you think being married to me counts as a super power?
Jeff: No.
Jeff: It counts as team work, though.

All my gorgeous photos were taken by the Goddesses with Cameras over at In Her Image Photography (if you’re going to San Francisco you definitely want to get your photos done.)