Limitless Living

Su*per*he*ro noun

Defined: A person who uses all of the resources available to them to leave their legacy in the world.

What’s the difference between Batman, Wonder Woman and You?


They’ve already figured out how to harness all of their resources (from money and training to super quick reflexes and kick ass tools) to start working towards what they know the world can be. And you’re still working on that.

We See the Super Hero in You

When you look in the mirror you might see nothing more than your own version of the mild mannered Clark Kent, but what we see is your Power, your Possibility, all the More that you just aren’t tapping into yet. And it’s our passion to call out and support the “Super” that we see in you.

Because the other difference between Batman and Wonder Woman and You, is that they have a support team. We’re Yours!

Nurturing the Invisible & Intangible in You

Here at Limitless Living our one purpose is to empower you to unleash your brilliance upon the world – by giving you ownership and alignment with the energy and elements already at work in your life.

We’re not afraid to talk about the things that nobody else is talking about. Things like energetic blocks, and your Elemental Nature, and ghosts and the influence your environment has on you, and letting your Spirit guide you.

And we’re talking about them in practical, real world, “this actually matters to my life and biz” ways. Because these things are part of what make you and me Whole + Human – and you can’t embrace your Super without embracing all of you: super powers, weaknesses + woo.

Ready to be the Super Hero you were always meant to be?

Grab a pair of tights (capes are optional) and come on in to your Limitless Life!

Join both of us for our Limitless Academy Classes and learn how to empower the intangible and invisible in your life!

Work With Megan:

Spend a week diving deeply into your Spirit and your Biz and GET CENTERED (coming soon).

Join the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY get a reading, energy clearing, and one-on-one super support + ass-kicking.

Work With Jeff:

Have your SPACE CLEARED and get ready to feel and see exactly how much your life can open to flow when your home and work space is enriching you (instead of draining you).

You provided the window for helping me see not only where I am or can be vulnerable but also the magic and power I don’t always see because I am so busy trying to kick-ass or judge myself.

Nicholette von Reiche ~