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Petty Deprivations (The Quiz) & The Deserving of Pleasure

I’m currently studying the energetics underlying money and this lesson has been making a big impact in our house lately. It’s one I learnt for myself years and years and years ago, but that Jeff is truly struggling to grasp hold of right now. Do you know, in your body and the parts of you that hold the purse strings, that you deserve pleasure? Let’s find out…

…answer the questions quickly without too much thought.
1. In terms of personal needs, I always seem to be running out of…
2. If I only had a little more money, I would treat myself by….
3. I never seem to have enough…
4. I have learned to do without…
5. Something that I enjoy that I won’t let myself have is…
6. Something that I really need that costs less than $5 is…
7. Something else that I really need that costs less than $25 is…
8. Something that I enjoyed as a kid that I won’t let myself have is…
9. I never keep the cupboards stocked with enough…
10. Something that would be good for my health that I won’t buy myself is…
~ taken from Feng Shui and Money, Eric Shaffert

You Deserve Pleasure.

You deserve happiness. You deserve joy. You deserve the little things. You deserve to buy you something you don’t need.

You deserve the pint of raspberries. You deserve a night away. You deserve a new book, an ice cream cone, those lovely shoes. You deserve a few hours to yourself. You deserve some of my time. You deserve enjoyment.

Not because you’ve earned it. Simply because you ARE.

You are enough.

Deprivation is never about money… Deprivation is about punishment…Would you deprive a child of the things that make him or her happy and healthy? ~ Eric Shaffert

Share your responses – especially those that feel powerfully significant – to the quiz along with one thing you are going to buy yourself this week to remedy that problem! You can post them as a reply, Facebook, or email them to me.


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July 7, 2015   10 Comments

“I Think I’ve Lost My Mojo”

(Spoiler Alert: You haven’t really though.)

You feel like you’ve lost the flow. The clarity you had is eluding you. You feel off-kilter, you aren’t sure what to do. You feel distracted.

Or maybe stretched thin.

It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that the ease is gone.

Something must be wrong. “Am I broken?” asks the voice in the back of your head.

But no. Nothing is wrong with you.

Life ebbs and flows. Ebbs are normal.

They are the pauses that form the rhythm and the rests that inform the action. They are necessary. We rise and fall, night always brackets day and winter follows every summer. The ebb nurtures us. Stop push, and push, and pushing, just for a moment.


Embrace the place of rest. Inhabit the pauses.

Your mojo hasn’t gotten lost. You are not suddenly disconnected. (Secret: You can’t be.) Stepping out of flow may feel uncomfortable, but you are not broken.

Uncomfortable ≠ Broken

There is no such thing as lost. You can’t lose the core part of you. You can’t lose your spirit – your mojo. Because as Jeff likes to tell me, you’re never really lost – you always know exactly where you are right now. (And no one really knows where they are going anyway.)


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July 3, 2015   13 Comments

Megan’s Core Rule for Living a Limitless Life

Yesterday I was clever
So I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise
So I am changing myself. ~ Rumi

I have a few rules I try to live by. Rules about how I decide what to say or not say to others. Rules about who and how I want to be in the world. Rules about how I make decisions and how I use my time. But I have one rule, one rule that I have adopted through experience as the Core Rule for Living a Limitless Life. This is my rule.

I Can’t Change Anyone but Me.

And the corollary to this rule (the good news) is this:

I Can Always Choose How I am Going to Behave/Believe/Be in Any Situation.

I can’t change your mind, but I can change mine. I can’t change how you choose to behave (and I don’t have the right to try, never mind the right to try and make the earning of my love a whip with which I attempt to exact that change), but I can choose whether I’ll stay, what I’ll say, and what I’ll do in response.

I have no say over you, but I can always make a different choice for me. Always.

This is both our greatest limitation and our most unlimited super power.

You may be thinking you know this. You’ve heard this. I’m not exactly revolutionary. But it’s not the knowing or hearing that’s revolutionary – it’s the application. Because I don’t just know this Truth, I try to live by it. (Try, we’re all imperfect, especially me.)

Everyday I try to ask myself: Who do I want to be today? Who do I want to be?

There is no more important, no more powerful, no more life changing question that you can ask yourself than this.

Who do you want to be in the world today?

Because, there’s no one you can change but you. But if each of us is slowly, slowly, slowly working – day by day – on becoming the Who we want to be and see in the world then it is inevitable that the whole world will change. That is the deepest truth and the scariest depth. The power of Ourselves.

You are the only person you can change, do you know who you want that change to birth into the world?

Let’s create a little more of that today.


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June 26, 2015   6 Comments

Who Am I? aka Facebook Forces the Issue of Identity

I’m thinking of legally changing my name.

This whole line of thought has been predicated by Facebook, who in their infinite wisdom has banned me from my page until they can confirm my ID and force me to conform to simply being plain old Megan Potter.

Yesterday I was angry about the whole debacle, not because they are forcing me to drop the Limitless (which is really more inconvenient than anything) but rather because they won’t just let me change my name, I was forced to provide ID which means my account is suspended for the time being.

If you’ve been wondering where I went on Facebook, now you know.

But Then a Thing Happened.

I woke up this morning and immediately texted Jeff to ask if he thought legally changing my name to include Limitless would be weird.

Let’s rewind just a bit. It’s not that I am so attached to my Facebook user name that I’m pondering legally changing my name forever and ever, cross my heart, stick a needle in my eye and hope to die.

That would be silly.

I’ve actually been sitting with the issue of identity for months now. Turning my names over and over in my head. It kind of began with my last name. See, if I were to get married right now I know I wouldn’t reflexively take Jeff’s last name as mine. Potter, to me, doesn’t really feel like who I am. Partially because I didn’t take it on thoughtfully or consciously. So I started out by considering reverting to my maiden name. But you know what? That didn’t feel like me either. I mean, never mind that it’d been my name for twenty years the truth is due to family shit I really have no connection to my father or his family so… Really though, it just didn’t feel right. Neither does my mother’s maiden name.

And so for months I’ve been sitting here. I’ve thought about changing first names, but of all my names Megan feels the most like me. And I’ve always kind of had a soft spot for Elizabeth. So this is where I’ve been for months; not feeling like the energy of who I am now (nor of who I want to be) is being held by my name and not really knowing what to change to fix it.

Who Am I?

I’ve never really understood why in some magical traditions it is normal to take on a “working” name. Until now. Before it felt like affectation. “Ohhhh… I’m Silver Raven Foxears!” (Actually I like foxears now that you mention it.) But now I get it. Because sometimes doing deep work changes who you feel like you are and who we ARE is embodied in the world by the name that we go by.

In numerology you can (and should) work out the numbers for your full name to see and understand your blueprint in this world. But you can (and should) also work out the numbers for the individual names that people call you – because those numbers talk about how those people see and know you to be. It seems like a small thing, but lately it has truly mattered to me.

In Feng Shui they say that you should create your house not to reflect the energy of who you are right now, but to reflect the energy of who you want to be 5 years from now – aka your home should hold the space for all you want to become, all you want to grow into. For at least the last year or so my name has felt like it has no space for who I am in it – never mind who I might like to become.

Enter Facebook

My Facebook name (Limitless Megan) was never intentional. It was simple math. I didn’t want the people who knew Megan Potter to connect up with me – I had shed so much in my life I wanted to have control over which parts moved into the interwebby world with me. So I put my first name, and part of my business name. The best nickname ever was simply an accident.

But Limitless Megan has truly become part of my identity. The first time someone responded to me working through an issue by telling me, “You can do this, you are after all Limitless,” I was rocked back. That’s not what I meant by my name. But then it became a thing. And eventually it became I thing I call others. My newsletter frequently goes out to Limitless Your Name Here – because you are, you can be… So am I. There are even some people who choose to refer to me as Limitless, rather than Megan (which always amuses me).

Certainly it holds and embodies the energy of who I feel I have become and where I am going better than any name I have now. I didn’t realize any of this until I spent a full day sitting with the feeling of having Limitless fully stripped from my identity.

It turns out I wasn’t just upset at being forced to be suspended. Or frustrated about losing the word people use to identify and tag me on social media. It turns out that being forcibly stripped of Limitless in my identity has left me feeling like a little piece of myself has lost the space being held for its existence. It feels like being shoved backwards, rather than stepping forward.

It feels like there’s no space to be all of me.

This morning my conversation with Jeff went something like this.
Me: Do you think it would be weird to legally change my name to have Limitless in it?
J: It would be a lot of work. You’d have to change all your ID.
Me: I know. But would it be weird.
J: No. Change it.

So, I’ll be plain old Megan Potter for now. But not for long.

Who are you?

What is holding the energetic space for who you are now, and who you are becoming? Is something? What helps to anchor you to your identity? Is it a name? A talisman? The way you dress? Identity matters, tell me about yours….


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May 22, 2015   14 Comments