Limitless Living

Time to Suit Up, Lady!

Batman and Spiderman put on costumes and patrolled the night looking for trouble.
The Xmen trained endlessly, ready to jump into it at the drop of the hat.
And you’re passionately pursuing your Dream with the relentlessness expected of any Superhero.

What’s holding you back from owning your Superpowers?

All you need is a little help believing in your own World-Changing Powers. And maybe a reminder or two of how much we (the world) need you. And possibly a whole squad of S’Heros standing behind you, cheering you on your way.

Welcome to the Women Unlimited Team

Consider yourself officially invited to join our exclusive squad of Superheroines (which, in boring old normal world speak, is to sign up for my newsletter) who are ready to revolutionize the world. I know you are ready to be Limitless.

Team Membership includes:
  • Completely random and occasional in-box delivery (cause I believe in writing when I have something worth listening to rather than on a schedule) with:
  • Dibs on the special and occasional offers we make in the world (we don’t do a lot of sessions or readings or the like, but when we do, we let our newsletter know)
  • News so you don’t miss the next Energy Clearing Class or new Releases
  • Never miss a blog post
  • The occasional Freebie and exclusive offers for card pulls or clearings or fun shizz like that
  • and my favorite part:

  • The Heart to Heart reading where I tap in and read a card exclusively for my newsletter peeps
    And don’t forget:

  • Boundless Love for everything you are and are doing in the world
  • Unlimited Inspiration
  • Sudden and Unpredictable belief in your own Brilliance
  • Calls to action & opportunities for engagement with like-minded S’Heroes
  • Unflagging Cheerleading
  • Wholistic examination of what it takes to rock out Superhero-dom
  • All the best tips on channeling & maximizing your Superpowers for awesome (and never for evil)
  • Everything you need to support you in vanquishing your world’s Super Villains

Isn’t It About Time the World Saw Your Brilliance?

You know it is.

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